Software Overview

As ship design has become outdated in terms of collaboration, speed, graphics, automation, and optimization, ShipReality built from the ground up, a new 3D ship design/retrofit software with BIM / 3D model real-time sharing providing the first end-to-end collaborative solution for all stakeholders with improved efficiency of quality design.

Our generative design relies on proprietary optimal route algorithms which "sense" the point cloud 3D space and generate optimal routes that avoid clashes (collisions) with existing machinery and have minimal length and associated hydraulic (energy) losses. Paths can be automatically populated with standard piping elements complying with user specifications or generated with a Gamification process using drag and drop functionality (inspired by Minecraft) for drastically reduced design times.

Generated 3D CAD models merged with as-built point clouds to create 3D Digital Twins. These massive 3D virtual models can be shared, streamed & visualized on wearable mobile headsets like Oculus Quest 2 for VR and HoloLens2 for MR with ShipReality’s XR tools and integrated with ship’s data for a series of lifecycle applications and remote operations.

Product Features

- Space registration
- Place equipment as holograms in the physical space
- Optimal pipe routing
- Real-time reconfiguration of connections
- Automatic drawings/reports generation
- Collaborative VR visualization of the final solution
- AR-assisted installation monitoring

Place equipment as holograms in the physical space

gif 4 2d concept holograms

The first step in the process of retrofit design is the conceptualization of the design using the part and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). Designing directly in the physical space, ShipMR allows designers to place equipment as holograms in the actual locations.




Generate optimal paths in 3D

Generate optimal path in 3D

ShipMR automatically connects the equipment holograms with existing ship machinery in 3D.




Populate paths with standard components

Populate paths with standarized componentsAfter the optimal path has been generated, the proposed connection is populated using standard piping components from an extensive library (pipes, tubes, valves, flanges, gaskets, etc.).

Automated drawings/report generation

ShipMR automatically generates the 2D construction drawings, P&IDs and reports needed.









3D Collaboration - VR/MR Extensions

ShipMR-Design offers interactive 3D collaboration for fast designs with real-time reviews and approvals:

Combing with ShipVR extension, ShipMR-Design brings multi-user immersive design reviews, VAM (virtual asset management), and virtual walkthroughs using tethered or untethered VR headsets:

The MR extension of ShipMR-Design brings the digital asset to life enabling real-time installation monitoring: (point cloud of 1.5 billion points & 3D CAD Scrubber design merged).






gif 6 automated drawings

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