The "Why"

Shipping industry is facing an enormous decarbonization challenge (IMO 2030/2050) that requires adoption of new technologies to retrofit 60,000 ships and replace outdated processes with remote support/operations over a 20-year lifecycle.

What We Do

ShipReality develops an industrial metaverse platform for shipping decarbonization linking: (i) Generative 3D Design, (ii) VR/AR/MR Enabled Remote Operations, (iii) Energy Efficiency (EEXI/CII) Planning & Compliance.

Our generative 3D design software speeds up the decarbonization of the existing fleet through fast and optimal retrofitting, our XR visualization tools enable 3D design validation with real-world rendering, and our spatial computing applications provide a range of VR/AR/MR enabled remote operations by connecting ships with their 3D virtual models and data.

Our metaverse links our software and XR applications with our cloud-based 3D spatial database creating the end-to-end platform for a range of lifecycle applications, addressing shipping needs and applicable to other industries.

Our metaverse platform is integrated with our ship lifecycle energy efficiency software offering automated studies/forecasting for IMO’s Ship Energy Efficiency (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity (CII) standards and class reporting as required for all large commercial ships from January 2023.

Our Story

Our founders are three professors at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (sNAME) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a Princeton University engineering classmate with 25 years of Wall Street experience. We uniquely combine marine engineering, geometrical modeling, VR/AR/MR ship design, CAD software development, gaming graphics, and extensive US business experience, needed to successfully develop state-of-the-art technology solutions for the shipping industry. Our engineers are top NTUA, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering graduates.

Our Software

ShipXR: The end-to-end 3D platform built for VR/AR/MR that links everything in the metaverse for a ship’s cutting-edge lifecycle applications.

ShipMR-Design: Automation & optimization software for new and retrofit ship designs, converting 2D designs into optimal ones directly in 3D space. A unique breakthrough, that is 10X faster than anything in the market and yields optimized designs.

ShipMR-Remote: Spatial intelligence software, anchoring data to ship spaces and machinery, thus enabling contextualized data visualization, for automating crew operations such as inspections, remote surveys, maintenance, and expert assistance.

ShipVR: Design review - training software, using untethered VR headsets for multi-user design reviews, interactive walkthroughs, measurements, collaboration, and training from anywhere.

Ship-EEXI/CII: IMO Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and CII (Carbon Intensity) automated calculation and reporting software with enhanced SEEMP planning and implementation modules.

ShipMR-DT: Immersive Digital Twins with Holographic Visualization (software & SDK) in mobile HMDs (MR, hololens2 & VR, Oculus Quest2. The virtual ultra-large DT models combine 3D CAD and reality capture point clouds with billions of points.


Sustainable Development Goals

Air Emissions - GHG, CO2, SOx, NOx, Particulate reduction (SDG 3.9, 14.1)

Ocean health - BWTS & Green energy conversions (SDGs 14.1, 14.3, 17.6)

Tech Innovation - 3D/XR Retrofit Design, Visualization & Remote ops (SDGs 8.2, 9.4)


Investors, Ocean Tech Accelerators

Selected and funded by Katapult Ocean the first impact-driven accelerator for the Ocean Tech start-ups, as one of 11 companies in the first batch in 2019 in Oslo, Norway.




 creative destruction lab logoShipReality Inc. graduated in 2020 from CDL-Atlantic Ocean Stream.





Technology acceleration program / partnerships

microsoft startups logonvidia inception


autodesk logodassault logoaws logouipathmagic leap


airbus ddms Airbus DDMS International Startup Call Finalist  






 deep tech tommorowAt the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Summit. 

Speaking Engagements

change now logo 2

Speaker at the Green Energy Technologies panel in the "Maritime transport" session of the ChangeNOW Summit on January 2020 at Grand Palais in Paris.

Link to video here.

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