The "Why"

After 70 years of powering ships with the same, highly-polluting fuel, a big transition is taking place in shipping, with a green energy switch and a series of global and regional environmental regulations (IMO 2020, BWTC, IMO 2050, etc.) requiring retrofitting the majority of the world's 90,000 ships.

Retrofitting ships is not an easy task and design processes take months leading to high costs and potential design errors. Working with new technologies (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) and immersive digital models enables ship retrofits designs that are 10 times faster and optimal versus traditional design processes. It also enables a series of digital layers including immersive design reviews before going to the shipyard, installation monitoring, collaborative training, and remote operations.

Without such technology innovation shipping companies will face big delays causing harm to the environment, $billions of foregone revenues, and deceleration of the green energy transition.

ShipReality Inc. develops cutting-edge Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality software for the shipping industry to speed up and improve the process of ship modification design and enable MR assisted remote inspections, operations and assistance resulting in massive efficiency and cost savings.

Our Story

Our founders are three professors at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (sNAME) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a Princeton University engineering classmate with 25 years of Wall Street experience. We uniquely combine marine engineering, geometrical modeling, VR/AR/MR ship design, CAD software development, gaming graphics, and extensive US business experience, needed to successfully develop state-of-the-art technology solutions for the shipping industry. Our team also includes 3 of the top National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) graduates with MSc degrees from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (sNAME).

Our Software Products

ShipVR: Immersive Digital Ship visualization - design review - training software, using preconfigured untethered VR headsets, for review of ship modification designs prior to order/installation. Several VR headsets can be preconfigured with data of up to 10 ships per headset, enabling multi-user design reviews, interactive walkthroughs, measurements, collaboration and training from anywhere.

ShipAR: Spatial intelligence software, anchoring data to ship spaces and machinery, thus enabling contextualized data visualization, for automating crew operations such as inspections, remote surveys, maintenance, and expert assistance.

ShipMR: Automation & optimization software for new and retrofit ship designs, converting 2D designs into optimal ones directly in 3D space. A unique breakthrough, that is 10X faster than anything in the market and yields optimized designs.

Sustainable Development Goals

Air Emissions - SOx, NOx, PM (particulate matter) & energy conversions (SDG 3.9, 14.1)

Ocean health - SOx, NOx, PM (particulate matter) & energy conversions (SDGs 14.1, 14.3, 17.6)

Tech Innovation - Ship Retrofits & Training (SDGs 8.2, 9.4)


Technology Partners

ShipReality received startup grants and has been working with the best tech companies in the US.

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Selected and funded by Katapult Ocean the first impact-driven accelerator for the Ocean Tech start-ups, as one of 11 companies in the first batch in 2019 in Oslo, Norway.




Programs, Awards, and Speaking Engagements

creative destruction lab logoSelected and participating in Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic in Halifax Canada part of the Oceans focused Prime Stream for massively scalable science startups.



deep tech pioneer logo Named one of Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers! Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March 2020.




change now logo

Speaker at the Green Energy Technologies panel in the "Maritime transport" session of the ChangeNOW Summit on January 2020 at Grand Palais in Paris.