Product Features

EEXI Regulatory Framework

Basic EEXI Calculation Module

  • Calculation of current/required EEXI
  • Calculation of marginal Engine/Shaft Power Limitation (EPL/SHaPoLi)
  • Calculation of suggested new maximum speed, based on the suggested EPL
  • Calculation of attained EEXI
  • Automatic generation of EEXI Calculations Report, with detailed presentation of calculations for all vessel EEXI-related parameters
  • Automatic generation of Final EEXI Technical File
  • Total time to project completion and report generation, less than 2 hours

eexi basic

eexi basic flow

 Additional EEXI Modules

  • Statistics Toolbox - EPL Feasibility Study (Noon report data are required)
    • Calculation of maximum attainable vessel speed at different draught conditions, after application of Engine/Shaft Power Limitation
    • Calculation of ship speed/draught profiles (distribution of ship operation per speed or draught range)
    • Assessment of operation feasibility after EPL per draught and speed
  • Energy Efficiency Technology - Feasibility study: Sensitivity study for Vref
    • Application of Category A/B/C Energy Efficiency Technologies

eexi advanced stats

eexi advanced eet

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 CII Regulatory Framework

Basic CII Calculation Module

  • Calculation of Reference, Required and Attained CII
  • Calculation of Ship Energy Efficiency Performance Rating
  • CII compliance calculations for upcoming years

cii basic

Additional CII Modules

  • Speed Reduction Forecast (Effect of speed reduction on present and upcoming CII)
  • Effect of Hull Fouling on CII
  • Real-time CII calculation. Estimation of operational measures to achieve specific CII rating
  • Carbon Capture Devices (Subtraction of CO2)

cii advanced

The calculation framework will be updated based on the final regulatory decisions (after MEPC 78 – expected June 2022)

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