VR Immersive Visualization

Your fleet & your data, immersed in your office – a ShipReality

50 ships in a single preconfigured untethered VR headset with an easy-to-use, multi-user application for shipowners to remotely navigate their fleets, review retrofit CAD designs prior to order / installation, measure, familiarize and train crew members.

Product Features

- Reality capture
- Immersive multi-user visualization
- Interactive walkthrouhs
- Retrofit design review for (BWTS, EGCS, etc.) before order / installation
- Immersive measurement tool
- Immersive collaboration tool
- Immersive crew training & familiarization tool

Algorithmically decimate point clouds

gif 1 2 laser eng grade

Navigation (via teleporting) into ship engine room

1 navigation

CAD solution registration with point cloud data

2 show hide solution

Design review

3 inspection

Measurement Tool

4 measurement

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