MR Design Automation & Optimization

Product Features

- Space registration
- Place equipment as holograms in the physical space
- Optimal pipe routing
- Real time reconfiguration of connections
- Automatic drawings / reports generation
- Collaborative VR visualization of the final solution
- AR-assisted installation monitoring

Place equipment as holograms in the physical space

gif 4 2d concept holograms

The first step in the process of retrofit design is the conceptualization of the design using the part and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). Designing directly in the physical space, ShipMR allows designers to place equipment as holograms in the actual locations.




Generate optimal paths in 3D

Generate optimal path in 3D

ShipMR automatically connects the equipment holograms with existing ship machinery in 3D.




Populate paths with standard components

Populate paths with standarized componentsAfter the optimal path has been generated, the proposed connection is populated using standard piping components from an extensive library (pipes, tubes, valves, flanges, gaskets, etc.).

Automated drawings/report generation

ShipMR automatically generates the 2D construction drawings, P&IDs and reports needed.






gif 6 automated drawings