Georgios Bourtzos


Georgios Bourtzos received his MA in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 1989 and BA in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987 (first of his graduating class). At Princeton University he completed his qualifying general exams and first proposition for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree with advisor professor Yiannis Kevrekidis on "Nonlinear Time Series Analysis for System Identification and Global Characterization of Low Dimensional Dynamical Systems", published (1989) while working as a Research Assistant at the Los Alamos National Laboratories / T-7 Center of Non-Linear Studies

He then joined Salomon Brothers Inc. in NY in 1989 in Bond Portfolio Analysis (BPA) Hedge Group, Salomon's fixed income derivatives research unit and premier quant research group in Wall Street at the time. In 1992 he moved to the Foreign Exchange desk as Vice President of Trading and head of short dated foreign exchange options and volatility trading. Then moved to Salomon Brothers in London to head USD/DEM trading and main Proprietary Foreign Exchange trader responsible for a large risk portfolio of spot and currency option positions in all major and emerging markets till 1999.

In 1999 he moved to NY where he started EWorld Fund Ltd., a specialty hedge fund investing in the most innovative technology sectors and trends covering semiconductors, nanotechnology, software, telecommunication equipment, computer technology, storage and data networks, internet and alternative energy. EWorld Fund Ltd was a pioneer investment fund in long term macro themes and trends in technology and uranium, rare earths and technology minerals. In 2001 he also established EWorld Technology Fund LP, a US based technology-oriented hedge fund that he managed till 2013.

In 2013 he joined Luxurios Island Experience PC as CEO for the development of the largest private beachfront estate in the Greek islands and in 2016 established Thetidos Capital Management LTD, a real estate investment fund set to acquire prime beachfront properties in the Greek islands. In 2017, he established ESector I Fund Management LLC as an incubator to commercialize Hi-tech innovations with engineering professors from the top Greek National Technical University which lead to