VR Immersive Inspection - Visualization

ShipVR: Immersive inspection - visualization software using a single preconfigured untethered VR headset with an easy-to-use navigation, shipowners can remotely review 3D ship modification designs (WBTS, EGCS, energy conversions, etc.) prior to order/installation for a fleet of up to 50 ships.

AR Spatial Intelligence - Data Visualization

ShipAR: Spatial intelligence - data visualization software linking data to physical spaces and machinery enabling anchoring of location-specific data in AR/MR (and mobile) for remote surveys and remote expert assistance.

MR Immersive Design Automation

ShipMR: Immersive design automation software that enables designing directly in space, converting 2D designs into 3D optimal ones. A unique breakthrough, that is 10X faster than anything in the market and yields optimized designs.