Executive Summary


Mixed Reality software for data visualization and design automation of shipping



Spatial Data Visualization 

Immersive Visualization in web, VR & MR

System identification

Spatially distributed digital information 

Digital inventory


Speeding up ship conversions to cleaner energy 

Spatial Design Automation

Engineering models and design automation

Placement of equipment holograms in the actual space

Optimal pipe routing

Automated generation of connections in 3D

Real-time reconfiguration of connections  

Automated generation of design drawings

Installation monitoring

The world’s shipping fleet of 95.000 vessels requires complex retrofitting work to reduce emissions and comply with IMO regulations, but has not yet developed the technology applications to execute this enormous task.

Our automated software is an ideal such an application as it can produce a high volume of designs in half the time, supporting equipment manufacturers, shipyards & engineering firms while saving ship owners substantial costs.

Remote operations

Our software paves the way for the development of parametric models combined with sensor data, predictive analytics and MR visualization, all prerequisites for remote ship operations.


Providing innovative retrofitting solutions to the global shipping and energy industries featuring clean and environmentally sound technologies to make them sustainable and increase resource-use efficiency.

Providing clean retrofit automation technology to the global shipping industry in order to reduce pollution and protect life and chemistry in the ocean, sea and marine environments.


Funded by Katapult Ocean as one of 11 Ocean Tech start-ups participating in the first batch in Oslo from January 14th to April 8th 2019